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Limits to Progress

Gaya Herrington offers firms and KPMG US partners in the Americas with lengthy-duration of time threat administration and industry intention advice. Harrington is creating and imposing their Dynamic Evaluate formula, a brand new analytic and holistic intention primarily based on interconnectivity of business, social, and environmental sides.

Written by MIT scientists in 1972, Limits to Progress (LtG), predicted global societal give diagram if humanity didn’t alter its priorities. Scenarios of the lengthy urge had been created in the predominant diagram-dynamics mannequin, called World3. Given the possibility of give diagram, Herrington used to be bizarre which scenarios aligned with most modern empirical info. Herrington mute info from academia, NGOs, UN entities, and the World Financial institution, which she plotted along World3 scenarios. She learned shut alignment with two scenarios.

In this discuss, Herrington will discuss about her examine, printed in Yale’s Journal of Industrial Ecology and featured in The Times, The Hill, and The Guardian. She might perchance perchance even discuss about lessons from her findings, including opportunities to exchange humanity’s trajectory and the usability of persevering with growth.

Timiebi Aganaba, who will common the discussion, is an SFIS college member and has an appointment on the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Regulations. She has skills in 5 countries on three continents in Space examine, laws, academia, govt leadership, and industry consulting that lends a particular point of view to how humanity might perchance perchance govern sources and the economy of Space.

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