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Pioneers in green energy Development and Services

We are more than just an Energy Consultancy company

Energy consulting firms play a central role in guiding companies and governments through the complexities of energy management, sustainability and market dynamics. They are not only advisors on energy consumption and efficiency, but also strategists helping to shape the energy landscape. With expertise in areas such as procurement, market analysis, risk management and sustainability, these companies are an integral part of the transition to a more resilient and sustainable energy future. They provide tailored solutions to each client’s unique challenges to ensure compliance, optimize energy use and improve economic performance. Through the use of technology and innovation, energy consultants are at the forefront of driving change and facilitating the global transition to renewable and low-carbon energy sources. Their work goes beyond traditional consulting to include education, data management and the development of strategic initiatives that contribute to a secure and sustainable energy supply for all. The impact of energy consulting can be seen in the successful implementation of energy projects that balance economic growth and environmental protection, demonstrating that these companies are indeed much more than consultants; they are key players in the energy transition.

Philippines in Green Energy

The Philippines is making significant strides in green energy, with a comprehensive energy plan that aims to transform the country’s energy sector into a more sustainable and resilient system. The Philippine Energy Plan 2020-2040 outlines ambitious targets, including a 35% renewable energy share in the power generation mix by 2040 and the introduction of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as part of its energy portfolio. Additionally, the country is recognized as a global leader in renewable energy, with over 47% of its total energy use coming from green sources, including a substantial geothermal capacity that ranks third-largest in the world. The government has also set goals for the medium to long-term, such as increasing the penetration rate of electric vehicles and maintaining current biofuel blending schedules. These efforts are complemented by policies that encourage foreign investment in large-scale geothermal projects and the exploration of indigenous oil and gas resources. With these initiatives, the Philippines is on a path to ensuring energy security, promoting local economic development, and transitioning towards a low carbon future.

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