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EUDR Discussion board in Ukraine: results and prospects

FAO, FSC Ukraine, WWF-Ukraine and IPRSA initiated and organised the forum “Impact of the EUDR in Ukraine: Potentialities and Dangers”, which took situation on 22 March in Kyiv.

In the predominant session, the contributors regarded as the importance of the EUDR within the machine of European laws and the European Green Deal political initiative, and assessed its conceivable impact on international locations outside the EU.

The second session covered the vivid substances of applying the EUDR, allowing for newest forest administration and conservation practices, protection of biodiversity and forest ecosystems, the express of digitalisation of forestry, and the construction of the woodworking change when it comes to the forestry sector.

The main results of the forum are:
1. There may be a search data from from change and the overall public for an operational conception for the implementation of the EUDR, and therefore for nearer coordination of the connected government agencies of Ukraine with the European Price.
2. Adaptation of the forestry sector of Ukraine’s economy to the requirements of the EUDR requires extra harmonisation of national laws with the EU technique, policies and ethical requirements, including overall approaches to the definition of frequent forestry terms.
3. Implementation of the EUDR requirements is a extremely effective motivating part for bettering the administration and governance machine within the forest sector to forestall deforestation and forest degradation, as smartly as to red meat up ethical liability.
4. Voluntary devices, in explicit those proposed by FSC, are a solid foundation for Ukraine’s extra integration into the global
5. The formation of a aggressive and transparent institutional atmosphere will facilitate the utmost spend of alternatives from the implementation of EUDR by the forestry sector of Ukraine and verify preventive forest protection.
6. Efficient interaction between provide chain contributors and other stakeholders in assessing and mitigating risks within the traceability of forest merchandise is a prerequisite for correct affirmation of the absence of deforestation and forest degradation.

The Discussion board modified into most effective the predominant step in direction of adapting Ukraine’s forestry sector to the EUDR. The necessity for a educate-up, nearly oriented match to facilitate the implementation of the EUDR, allowing for the interests of the many target groups represented on the forum, is already evident.

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