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Carbon emission credits


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Nature-based solutions
Reforestation, forest protection, blue carbon (CO2 storage in the sea and in coastal ecosystems such as mangrove forests), regenerative agriculture, forestry
Social impacts
Clean cooking stoves, drinking water, small biogas plants
Renewable energy
Wind power, solar energy, hydropower, biogas, biomass, geothermal energy
All climate protection projects are certified in accordance with international standards such as the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) or Gold Standard (GS) and are regularly audited by independent third parties. This ensures and regularly confirms the climate protection effect of the projects. One of the most important prerequisites is that the projects are actually additional climate protection measures and that the contribution to reducing CO2 in the atmosphere is clearly measurable.

The impact of climate protection projects goes beyond emission reductions
Climate protection projects on the voluntary carbon market are also an instrument for greater climate justice. This is because companies and even private individuals from industrialized countries, which are responsible for most emissions and are less affected by the effects of climate change than the Global South, are participating. The financing gap here is enormous and state aid is far from sufficient.

VCIs represent different qualities of C-Sink (VCI-S) and C-Avoidance (VCI-A) potentials that have been applied, verified and issued. There are several ways to buy carbon credits in the Voluntary Carbon Market. Firstly, a distinction must be made between so-called nature-based carbon credits, which relate to reforestation projects, mangroves or blue carbon, for example, and technology-based carbon credits, for which biochar, wind power or solar energy are used, for example.

Cutting-edge technology for the conservation and regeneration of nature
Web3 and blockchain ensure transparency, traceability and accountability throughout the process of analyzing and certifying environmental goods

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