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Learn the technique to make mining ‘wintry’, toes McEwen, Bobicki and Genik | TNM Podcast 271

This week’s episode aspects the Making Mining Chilly for the Next Generation panel at the World Mining Symposium, with Dr. Erin R. Bobicki, Companion Professor, University of Alberta; Siri C. Genik, Major and Founder, Bridge; and Rob McEwen, Chairman and Chief Proprietor, McEwen Mining. The panelists debated on the finest ideas to scheme teenagers to the switch, with a focal point on the ambiance, to boot as a need for better messaging and more science education for the popular public. The panel changed into once moderated by Marc Borbas, VP of Expertise Alternatives for Glacier Media.

All this and more with host Adrian Pocobelli.

Tune Credits:
“Rattlesnake Railroad”, “Wide Western Sky”, “Western Traipse” and “Fight on the Western Frontier” by Brett Van Donsel (www.incompetech.com).

Licensed underneath Inventive Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

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