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Daniel Schmachtenberger – Existential Threat and Segment Transferring to a Contemporary World Plan

Daniel Schmachtenberger joins us to focus on existential risk, exponential curves and why a phase shift to a brand sleek world procedure is inevitable.

Bag entry to the transcript for this episode right here: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/world-governance/web sites/world-governance/recordsdata/transcript_global_governance_futures_daniel_schmachtenberger.pdf

00:00 – Introduction
01:52 – How effectively ready are we for Existential Threat?
03:48 – Existential Threat and World Vitality scaling up
08:17 – Interconnectivity, fragility and cascading failures
13:13 – Advanced tech palms races and inadequate response skill
16:24 – How will we catch profitable emergent coordination?
20:58 – Competing ideologies
23:23 – Innovation shifting from the say to markets and the degradation of legislation
28:18 – Technological jump
32:15 – Erosion of democracy by tech feudalism
36:31 – Human cognitive limits
39:24 – AI: AlphaGo and Stockfish
41:57 – Adjustments of magnitude becoming modifications in form
46:43 – Critique as a manner to augment programs create
48:46 – Investing in cognitive complexity
52:16 – Criteria for profitable civilisation
54:35 – Are the solutions already right here?
59:18 – Apologist maxims
1:02:57 – What can we study from nature’s symmetries and symbiosis
1:11:25 – What can you raise out as an particular particular person?
1:22:07 – The manner to live a fundamental existence
1:27:39 – Closing remarks

Daniel Schmachtenberger is a social truth seeker and founding member of The Consilience Mission, geared in direction of bettering public sensemaking and dialogue. The by line of his interests has to raise out with programs of bettering the effectively being and model of folk and society, with a virtuous relationship between the two as a goal.

In direction of these ends, he has a particular curiosity within the issues of catastrophic and existential risk, civilisation and institutional decay and collapse as effectively as progress, collective circulate complications, social organisation theories, and the connected domains in philosophy and science.

Motivated by the assumption that advancing collective intelligence and skill is foundational to the integrity of any civilisation, and mandatory to tackle the routine risks we within the meanwhile face given the intersection of globalisation and exponential abilities, he has spoken publicly on rather a range of these issues, hoping to popularise and deepen fundamental conversations and have interaction more of us in training their solutions. A sort of these can even be chanced on on Daniel’s online page: http://civilizationemerging.com/media/

On this conversation, we explore why it’s now imperative to establish a complete sleek world procedure given the catastrophic risk landscape that we confront. Daniel argues that within the face of exponential curves proliferating across programs – human, technological and geophysical – we need to produce a novel role of solutions for the map we coordinate at scale. The duty ahead of us is nothing lower than to foster a world social, technological and academic zeitgeist, one which is ready to forestall existential risk in a skill commensurate to our deepest values for participatory and empowered governance.

For more records about The Consilience Mission at https://consilienceproject.org/

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