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Daniel Hwang speaking at BICOWG TwitterSpaces: What is in BCT? Carbon Credit ranking Quality Sorts

Our Special Projects lead Daniel Hwang spoke on essentially the most up-to-date BICOWG TwitterSpaces: “What is BCT? Carbon Credit ranking Quality Sorts”, the place he talks with industry experts in regards to the #KilmaDao #carboncredit ecosystem. That contains Gregory Landua and Sarah Baxendell of #RegenNetwork, Rapha Benoi #ToucanProtocol and Joseph Pallant of #BlockchainforClimate.

#blockchain #BICOWG #carbonoffset #twitterspaces

The Blockchain Infrastructure Carbon Offset Working Community is exploring carbon measurement methodologies and lawful carbon offset incentivization mechanisms.

Issue BICOWG on Twitter: https://twitter.com/bicowg

Issue f2pool:

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